KLAUS Multiparking Midwest

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About Us

aboutusSACKETT has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing some of the highest quality material handling equipment since 1897. With SACKETT PARKING SOLUTIONS, we are bringing our same dedication to quality, reliability and safety to the parking industry.

Sackett Parking Solutions is the factory trained installation, service, and on-going maintenance and technical support team for KLAUS Multiparking systems in the Midwest-USA.

Klaus Multiparking’s systems create value for our customers by providing safer, more space efficient and greener parking, car storage and display solutions.

Our complete line of mechanical and automated parking systems, includes semi-automatic, fully automatic, stack parkers, and parking pallets.


Advantages of KLAUS Multiparking Parking Systems

  • Space-saving accommodation of vehicles
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Top-Quality products with exceptional service life and intrinsic value
  • No more hunting for parking spaces
  • Comfortable and secure parking and access to parking spaces
  • Solutions for almost all parking situations
  • Made in Germany



We’re proud that KLAUS Multiparking’s systems offer environmental benefits.

  • Reduces impervious cover
  • Use of saved land space can be used for revenue generating space and greenery, etc.
  • Reduced lighting means reduced utility costs
  • Quiet operation reduces sound contamination
  • Vehicle emissions and fuel consumption are reduced because drivers are not searching for a parking spot







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