KLAUS Multiparking Midwest

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Car Dealers


For car dealerships, our vehicle display and storage systems will elevate the performance of your business. KLAUS Multiparking’s structures provide a cost-effective way to manage and move inventory, decrease manpower, and do away with unsecured and expensive remote lots.

Boost customer engagement throughout your enterprise. Improve vehicle merchandising from first-impressions at your exterior lot to the interior of your showroom.

Protect your vehicles by elevating them to reduce dents and damage. Cut related repair costs and disruptions to your sales and service operations. KLAUS Multiparking’s vehicle storage and display systems give you a competitive edge by increasing inventory capacity while providing greater security, virtually eliminating vandalism and theft.

KLAUS Multiparking’s solutions offer business building benefits that include:

  • Maximize showroom space
  • Optimize vehicle merchandising
  • Uplift sales and service operations
  • Raise revenues and cut costs
  • Access inventory with speed and convenience


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Managed Inventory

Our solutions offer the best storage and management of new and used inventory, in-service vehicles, trade-ins, lease returns and employee vehicles. You’ll always know where every vehicle is at all times.

Selling Tool

High-density towers can be incorporated to create dramatic displays. Make our systems part of your showroom—and sales force.

Safety and Security

Get protection from the elements, vandalism, and damage to your car inventory.

Increased Inventory

More cars means more sales. Maximize the number of best sellers that are on display and readily available. 

Speed and Convenience

Quickly and easily locate and retrieve the car the customer is interested in to make the sale.

Environmentally Friendly

Leave a minimal footprint with reduced emissions, lighting and utility costs.