KLAUS Multiparking Midwest

Think vertical.   Space-efficient.   Increase profitably.   Future-ready solutions.

Parking Professionals


Our mechanical and automated systems can help you meet your goals in ways that are cost-effective and efficient, while also creating an exceptional customer experience. KLAUS Multiparking’s systems answers the need for space-efficient and future-ready parking designs. We offer a range of modular and expandable systems, engineered to meet your project requirements.

We understand the critical nature of parking for every new and existing project. Your parking assets have to be maximized whether you’re in an urban, suburban, or rural area and whether you’re on a commercial, residential, or mixed-use property.

Let us work with you to properly plan, design, and build a parking solution that considers all the issues, and uses the most appropriate technologies and methods available. Facilities designed using our systems can be re-purposed years later to meet your changing needs.


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Best Utilization of Real Estate

Minimize the parking footprint and maximize the project’s potential revenue. Convert wasted space into productive and profitable space.

Increases Revenue

Increase the number of spaces in an existing footprint and increase your revenue.

Safety and Security

Mechanical and automated parking systems offer greater safety and security to both people and their vehicles.

Makes Impossible Projects, Possible

Parking density, land usage and traffic flow issues that brought good projects to a screeching halt are a thing of the past.

Can Accommodate Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

All sizes, shapes and types of vehicles can be accommodated to meet future demand.

Meets the Needs of Existing and Growing Urban Areas

Create spaces and places that are beautiful and desirable environments in which to live and work.

Mass Appeal

People want a parking solution that’s easier, convenient, safer, smaller, greener and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally Friendly

Leave a minimal footprint with reduced emissions, lighting and utility costs.